Light Meditation & Group Clearings
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   Light Meditation is an experience as much as it is a Meditation.  It is an advanced meditation because of its intensity, and the necessity to hold meditative space- amongst other things.

     Kate begins the meditation by assisting everyone through energetic alignment.  This is a tool that anyone can utilize on their own throughout daily life or meditative practices. 

     Once everyone is ready, Kate facilitates different forms of light for the group.  Each form of light is individual, as each person’s experience is individual.  Throughout the meditative experience, Kate monitors the group and prompts as needed.

     As the meditation closes, everyone is given the space to appreciate their new space.  Kate then guides everyone through grounding exercise, followed by snacks.


Light Meditation

    The Earth Keeper Crystal is a specific type of quartz, known for its unifying characteristics, healing properties, and abilities to ward off negativity.     

     Earth Keepers are grid crystals, and they are very active.  During periods of planetary shifts, these crystals charge and calibrate -not only themselves, but anyone in their vicinity- according to the shift, and the highest interests of anyone within the near vicinity.  When participating in an event with Kate’s Earth Keeper present, prepare for your heart to receive.

    Earth Keeper assists in Kate’s Light Meditations by holding the center meditative space for the group.  Since it is a unifying crystal, it aides the group of individuals in maintaining its own meditative space.

    Some people want to touch the Earth Keeper, and some do not.  Either way, it is respectful practice not to touch crystals that do not belong to you.

    Let Kate know if you wish to spend a private session with Kate and her Earth Keeper.  Private Earth Keeper sessions do not grant permission for handling the Earth Keeper crystal.


Group Clearing Events

    Clear Your Charges!

    Group Clearing Events with Kate and Niki are gaining popularity!  Utilizing multiple modalities of Energy, Kate and Niki facilitate clearings for everyone, individually, and as a group.

    The main part of the Clearing Event is a memory, person, or chakra clearing of your choice.  Kate and Niki will refer to these as charges, both positive and negative.  This section is intended to reduce the amount of event time spent explaining clearing processes.

    If/when you ask, Kate and Niki will likely advise to go after the biggest positive charges possible.  This may seem confusing, but simply put, clearing positive charges attracts positive energy, usually in the forms of abundance and clarity. 

    Everyone has their share of negative charges as well.  Clearing negative charges and memories result in a neutralized perception of the charge and increased perspective.

    Some examples of Positive charges are:  falling in love, experiencing power/ control, getting you drivers license, winning the lotto...  anything that floods you with enough positive energy, that you never want to let it go.

    Examples of Negative charges are easier to find, such as:  accidents, traumatic embarrassments, relationship break up, death of a friend or family member.

    Categories that usually include both positive and negative charges include: people, places, and patterns. 

    To begin the clearing, Kate and Niki will ask you to form an image of your charge.  They will then, move your energy through various stages in order to clear the charge.  It is not necessary that you talk about it.  It is not necessary for you to hold onto your image throughout the entire process.

    It is likely that you will remember other experiences related and unrelated to your charge.  This is part of the process..

    After completion, Kate and Niki will assist with checking the status of your charge, and balance out your energies.

    There are other methods of clearing utilized at these events.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Kate-

or call - 303-880-3680


Crystal Connections!

    Crystal Connections is a Group Clearing format for individuals and their crystals.  Kate allows the group to experience singular crystalline energies such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and more!  She also  clears and tunes individual crystals stones and formations as necessary for individual owners and caretakers.

    Although each Crystal Connection is unique, one can expect

*communion with crystalline frequencies

*clearing of imprints, energies and/or programming(s) from crystals

*attunements of crystals as is appropriate for individuals

For further questions, please feel free to contact Kate-

or call - 303-880-3680